Each year, a number of select schools are invited to identify a candidate who fits the profile of the scholarship and nominate that student for a scholarship. A scholarship committee reviews nominations and selects recipients for scholarships that are sent to the institution to be used for tuition, books , fees, and costs associated with the purposes of the scholarship.

Top candidates are in their junior or senior year of undergraduate studies or graduate studies and embody a track record of campus engagement, service and demonstrated commitment to learning. 


The scholarship is designed to support individuals with a vital and personal Christian faith, demonstrated and potential for leadership and service, demonstrated academic ability (3.25 average gpa or higher), and campus engagement. Preference will be giving to nominees who are from the Pacific Northwest or who plan to serve in the Northwest, candidates serving or hoping to serve in campus ministry or candidates serving or hoping to serve in leadership in a nonprofit. 

Scholarship awards will be up to $10,000 for an academic year and will be given with the eligibility to reapply for one additional year, with a reported and demonstrated progress toward educational goals.